About Pat and the Cats

Pat has been a life-long pet lover.  He was even born into a family with a new puppy — Skipper, a Welsh terrier; and they grew up together.  His childhood was filled with dogs, parakeets, and hamsters.

Pat became a first-time cat owner in college.  Pickles Lorrainne thought she was a dog.  She would follow Pat all over the house or around the neighborhood, even following him to the bus stop every morning.  Pickles liked to ring the bells hanging on the door when she wanted to go out and then would sit in front of the window looking into the house when she was ready to come in.  Pickles lived to be 17.

Snowtaires Stanley Palmer, a wire fox terrier, was Pat’s next furry family member.  Pat began bonding with Stanley the day he was born and even had the pleasure of holding him that very day!  The two of them went through puppy training twice… well, because Stanley was a terrier. 

Feeling that Stanley might be lonely for another animal to befriend, Pat brought home a Chocolate Point Siamese kitten that he named Larry. Larry and Stanley became fast friends — they were often seen chasing each other down the hall or curled up together in a ball sleeping. Larry lived to be 20 years old and just recently had to be put to sleep.

After Stanley passed away, Pat decided to take on a challenge.  Charlie, a Lakeland terrier, was at a rescue center, having gone through four owners in his four years of life.  Pat adopted Charlie and has spent much love and energy to win him over.  Charlie was quite an untrusting little dog after all he had experienced but has finally warmed up to Pat and has become affectionate with him — a huge accomplishment!

Pat can happily say he doesn’t know life without a pet.

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